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Established in 2015 by board certified Speech Language Pathologist, Sara Fleischer, Simply Speech was founded to serve the need for specialized evaluations and therapy services for Oral Myofunctional Disorders and related Speech Disorders.

What we do

After many years of treating clients through traditional speech therapy methods, with clients in therapy indefinitely with minimal progress, Sara found a tremendous void for those who did not fit bill for the traditional therapy modalities. After much coursework and studying, Oral Myofunctional Therapy (OMT) has become the focus of Simply Speech NJ. OMT helps clients progress in their therapy goals in shorter time spans with great results. 

How we can help

Through a comprehensive evaluation, including an in depth assessment of the face, mouth, lips, jaws and how they function, an individualized therapy plan is created to attain Oral Myofunctional and Speech goals.  By providing the client with a clear understanding of the issue at hand, as well as  step by step practices, success is within reach.

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Our Services

Comprehensive Evaluation

An evaluation entails a detailed oral peripheral exam, in order to assess the structure and function of the lips, tongue, teeth and more. This helps diagnose oral rest posture, tongue tie (or other Tethered Oral Tissue), sucking habits, breathing issues, and more. Such findings are most often the primary cause for feeding and speech issues.

Next a feeding assessment and speech sounds evaluation are administered where the oral mechanics are put into use. Any chewing, swallowing (including tongue thrust) and articulation issues will be noted. Then an individualized goal plan will be created to address the issues at hand. The goals will be addressed in therapy sessions.

Oral Myofunctional Therapy (OMT)


With this therapy, you will learn proper oral rest posture, chewing, swallowing and breathing skills. This will address the underlying Oral Myofunctional Disorder which includes symptoms such as: tongue tie, tongue thrusting, sucking habits, mouth breathing, and more.

Articulation/Speech Therapy

 Once the Oral Myofunctional Disorder is addressed, the accompanying Articulation issues will be targeted. With the new skills in place from OMT,producing the commonly disordered sounds such as

 /s/, /sh/, /r/, will prove to be less of a challenging task

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